How will VR change the dating game?

Dating scene changed a lot after it went online. The massive success seen by Tinder has turned the entire dating game on its head. With the advent of Virtual Reality and the ease of access to a VR headset, it is only a matter of time when VR dating will replace online dating.

How can VR help with dating?

 Just two decades ago, singles met at a social gathering like a bar or a sports game or they could find each other through a personals ad in the newspaper. If they liked each other, they would go out on a ‘date’. But things changed in the Internet age. which started in 1995, revolutionised how singles met each other. From that time, the dating world has come a long way. Today apps like Tinder make it easy for men and women to meet someone they like just by swiping right on a photo.

 While the number of ‘available people’ has become huge, thanks to apps like Tinder, internet-based dating has not turned out well for singles in the long term. Because most dates never go beyond the first in-person meet.

 Despite chatting with several hundred singles, there is a lack of presence in text messages. When there is a mismatch in the character presented via text and the real life, attraction fades away.

 This is where virtual dating may make a big impact. Virtual dating can help people can meet each other even before they meet physically. For busy professionals, this could be a great icebreaker and help avoid going on five lousy dates to meet one interesting person.

 As more people get disenfranchised by the disconnection of the digital world, VR may bring the much-needed presence back into Romance. It also presents us with several options apart from a drink at a bar. So instead of going for a coffee date, how about exploring a distant galaxy with your date? This provides a feeling of safety for women while taking away the awkwardness of the first meet. And if things don’t go well, it’s easy to just take off your headphone and get back to your life. No need for an emergency rescue call from a friend to get off a boring date.

The VR world is still testing out the Virtual dating idea.

Facebook had recently started a show called “Virtually Dating”. Although the technology used and the actual show was a big bust, it provides fodder for future use of the technology in that area.

 The Japanese have a taken a step even further. A Japanese gaming company has created a wedding where Anime fans can marry their favourite manga character. While you may think it’s a silly idea, the concept is a big hit in Japan.

If you are shy, you can even get dating lessons via virtual reality. HTC Vive has an app that gives you immersive dating lessons.

 In the future, after swiping right on your next crush, you can probably have a virtual date before meeting in person.

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