The best Samsung Gear VR games and apps

Samsung is the world’s topmost smartphone manufacturer. Ever since Google introduced their Cardboard and Daydream Viewer, the South Korean electronics giant wanted to build its own special market in the slowly growing VR world.

 Samsung introduced Samsung Gear VR to help bring the VR world to Samsung powered phones. This headset works only with specific high-end Samsung branded phones and provides a fantastic VR experience.

 The headset has got rave reviews of its abilities in many tech sites like Wearable, CNET, etc. The company has also launched a dedicated VR platform at Apart from this store, you can also download games and experiences from the Oculus VR store.

 Here is our list of top VR content for the Samsung Gear VR owners.

  1. Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay

 If you are a Star Wars fan, you will love this game. Get ready to help repair the famous BB8 and other rebel alliance support Droids in their fight against the First Order. The visuals are stunning and detailed and will immerse you in the latest Star Wars franchise. The game also connects with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi storyline, making it even more interesting.

  1. Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit

Not all great games are paid apps. Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit is a perfect example of a well-made game that is given away for free. Get ready to don the garb of Blade Runner as he tracks down a rogue replicant on the streets of a futuristic Los Angeles.

  1. Gunjack

Looking for some shooting action? Gunjack is the perfect game for you. This is an arcade space shooter filled with great detailing. Get the experience of being shot at as your protective glass cracks under enemy fire.

  1. Esper/Esper 2

 If you like solving puzzles, this game is a must try. Use your telepathic powers and the VR gear’s touchpad to solve the puzzles. You also get to enjoy the cheeky dialogues from the 70s and old school visuals. Note: this is not for the impatient crowd.

  1.   Dreadhalls

If you enjoy the horror genre, try this game. Run through the scary dungeons as you keep looking behind to make sure you are not followed. Just remember one important thing. VR is immersive and the experience will be very realistic. If you are not used to Horror, don’t try this app. It can be pretty scary.

  1.   Soundscape

Soundscape allows you to become a musician, of sorts. You get to add musical notes with a tap, change the instruments, and add effects as you listen to your new masterpiece. You can also play this game in a multiplayer mode, allowing two random people to join in the jam. Can you think of a better way to relax than creating new music?

  1. Disney Movies VR

Disney has created a VR app, especially for all their fans. Download the app and enjoy the Disney movies collection in VR mode. If you are a Star Wars fan, check out those cool Star Destroyers and other elements from the series.

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